Top Ideas On Buying Hair Removal Cream For Men

Published: 30th July 2012
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Have you ever thought of using hair removal cream for men? Strange question I guess isn't. But in this day and age vanity seems to have taken over for both men and women.

I am bringing up this important subject based on my own friends using some sort of hair removal method. You may think my friends are mad, but some of them have removed all bodily hair whilst others have just done the chest and the back. I did think to myself that it might be worth a look, so I decided to have a go at it myself also. Okay okay yes I am sensible enough to make my own decisions, but when your friends are doing things you are always tempted to follow. Yes the peer pressure did get to me your right. So I then took of on a journey to find out everything I could about hair removal methods.

Most of these methods however included an extra ordinary amount of pain and others where plain weird. What were the methods that I researched then.

The first one was obviously hair removal cream for men. I think it was veet at the time. I mainly decided to choose it because it was quick - splash it on in the shower and then scrape it off 8 minutes later. I was bit stupid at first really, because I slapped it on my chest, arms and hands all at the same time. After the minutes I started to scrape it off so by the time I finished it had probably been on for about 12 minutes instead. I did manage to burn my nipples doing this however. It was pretty painful but after applying some skin cream it went away. That means I would still give Veet a big thumbs up on this.

Waxing was another good idea I thought I would have a go at. This time using a product called Moom. Now this really did hurt. Heat up the wax and apply it on your skin. After applying the wax on my skin, after the first strip, I couldn't bear to pull anymore strips off. I know very pathetic really.

I still made waxing my third choice, but I was sensible this time and thought I would go with a professional. Choosing to have my hands, arms, stomach and chest done. I do wish I had just have had a small patch done though, This was by far and most definitely the worse hour of my life, I would rather be dragged by horse backwards than go through that again. It hurt more than jamming your toe under the door. Boy I had the biggest rash every afterwards which lasted for days. I looked like a freshly plucked chicken.

My fourth choice therefore was the easy route and just shave it all off. But I kept catching parts of my skin and even that was a painful experience in itself.

At my wits end I just decided to knock hair removal products on the head. I decided to just grow it back. Boy was that a disaster. I now look like a mixture between Dennis Healy and a Woolly Mammoth.

So now my only option is to chase down a permanent hair removal solution instead. That is if there is a solution that works out there that is.

Otherwise I will be the hairiest pensioner you will ever see in your lifetime.


You see vanity for men nowadays is just as important for men as it is for women. hair removal cream for men reviews It hurt more than walking into a lamp post. Yes I know it is a strange question, but answer as honestly as you can.

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