Brilliant Details On Finding Tattoos For Men

Published: 13th August 2012
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I want to explain some details here about choosing tattoos for men and some additional advice. My first tattoos where a disaster, so I thought it would be nice to make sure you didn't make the same mistakes as I did.

There is a definite temptation when you get your first tattoo, to jump in head first and get anything. Make sure however you choose something you love. You really should be thinking hard about what sort of design you would like on your skin.

Making sure you take into consideration this thing is going to be on your skin for life is a good idea. Yep even as a budding grandpa your tattoo is still going to be showing. Therefore take your time and also make sure you get something that you can afford.

If you only have $50 then don't just get a tattoo for that price. Therefore if you cannot afford what you want, go away and save up for it, patience is the key here. Trying to remove a tattoo at a later date is just daft and it will painful and expensive. I got four tattoos when I was younger and made this very mistake. Leaving you with the only solution of getting them done over or covered up at a later date. Having a big tribal design might not be the best decision neither, as they are extremely hard to cover up due to the big black blobs everywhere. Have a really good thing about your decision first, in order to avoid a situation like this.

If anyone says tattoos don't hurt neither, they are probably having you on. Don't go choosing a 4 hour design or something silly for your first one as you don't know whether you could take the pain or not. It could possibly be the worse mistake you can make it if you do this. Maybe you are one of these people that just cannot take the pain. You will be left with just the outline for life if this is the case. My advice then is just get a small one done first, so you can see how painful they are. You should be able to put up with the pain for a small amount, so this might be the best idea.

When looking at tattoos for men, also make sure that you choose a masculine tattoo. This is only my thoughts though, as I do not like butterflies and stars on men. I think they are more of a women's type of design to be honest.

Don't get one before going on holiday neither. Your new tattoo will take time to heal. It will bleed quite a bit at first and you will have to take care of it. Use some after care cream. Don't pick the scab neither. Pulling parts of the scab off will lighten the design, as it pulls the color out with it.

If you have been through the pain once, you will highly likely not want to be getting it redone again. Also bear in mind that tattoos can be become addictive. So think about whether you are going to get anymore in the future. You will then have a good idea of where you want your first tattoo to be placed on your body.

The last bit of advice I can give is. Don't just go to some scabby parlor, choose a tattooist who is professional and an expert in what they do. When going for a specialist design. Japanese is a good example, choose someone who absolutely loves doing Japanese designs.

This means they will give your tattoo the love and attention it deserves it. Then you won't have some messy blob on your skin for life.


When going for a specialist design. I personally do not like butterflies and stars on guys, I know they are popular, but not for men. Armband Tattoo Designs For Men When it comes down to getting specialist designs done.

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